JTAT Nengajoo Contest


There are four divisions

1.Elementary School
2. Middle School
3.High School
4. University

There are four awards for each category:

1.Grand Prize
2.Most Artistic Award
3.Most Original Award
4.Most Humorous Award

Each school may only submit 10 entries. (No entree fee)

Use unlined index cards (4’ x 6’) in white (colored index cards may not be submitted)

* Writing should be written in black ink (no pencil) in legible letters.
* The design should focus on the upcoming New Year, which is the Year of the Rabbit.  It should also focus on  how  the New Year is celebrated in
   Japan.  The card design should be related to the topic, and be in good taste. You may not attach any photos or other materials. You may not use cartoon    characters or any form of computer graphics design.
* The pictures have to be original.
* All letters should be in Japanese, except for numbers.  You must include the date(平成 23 年1月1日 or 元旦 ) and  students name on the card. The    students name should be in katakana.  If Chinese names are written in kanji, you must add katakana to the side.

 On the back of each card, the student must write the following information:

  1. Student’s full name
  2. Student’s age and grade level
  3. School name
  4. Teacher’s name
    (Teachers : Please make sure the students’ handwritings are legible. It will be very helpful if teachers could type the students’ names. )

The entries must be received by December 10, 2010 .
Include: Return Address

Please send to Mr. Lorin Park
11350 Four points dr. apt 212 Austin, TX 78726